Changing trends in housekeeping

untitled-3Over a period of time with advancements in technology and modernization, housekeeping in hotels has undergone changes. Technology has brought a significant change in efficiency and product quality in the housekeeping department. When we speak about housekeeping, we think about high staff turnover caused by a repetitive and physically demanding job and pressure to deliver clean rooms quickly at the lowest possible cost. Technology has brought some relief to the executive housekeepers to monitor guest floor operations. Housekeeping software called The Optic keeper is a housekeeping solution that unites the department to enhance the guest experience while increasing net profits and reducing stress levels in hotels overseas. It is interfaced with PMS of the hotel property.

How does it work? Each room attendant and floor supervisor carries a PDA which is connected via wireless technology and interfaced with the hotel PMS system. Room attendants can see in real time the next room to be cleaned and how long it will take. Duration for cleaning is calculated based on the guest and room profile created through ever changing history. Savings in productivity can be made on actual room cleaning times rather than the current inaccurate room credit system. Other features include an in-built quality control checklist tool on the supervisors’ PDA’s allowing them to record inspection results. Monthly statistics on average room cleaning time and average quality scores can then be used for focused individual training and counseling. A spring cleaning or special jobs list is also included, ensuring weekly or monthly tasks are in the system and allocated onto the daily cleaning checklist for the Room Attendants to follow. At front office, the dashboard enables front office to see at a glance where the room attendants are and when the rooms will be ready. Integration with the PMS also alerts front office if the room is not going to be ready for the guest’s arrival so quick action can be taken.

Advantages of this software are: Improving room attendant productivity by up to 20 per cent

  • Saving up to 40 per cent of floor supervisor’s time
  • Eliminating 80 per cent of phone calls between front office and housekeeping
  • Ongoing optimization of cleaning schedules throughout the day.
  • Allowing a fairly spread workload among housekeeping team members.
  • Improved quality and staff morale.
  • Savings of at least two hours every morning by automating the room allocation process at the push of a button.
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