Placements Portal

Students can use this portal for making applications to employers hiring from the college, communicating with the placement office, participating in on-campus / off-campus recruitment drives of employers.

Besides opportunities this portal has a knowledge center that includes a career guidance section, resume and interview preparation sections provided by the college for benefit of students. New articles on these subjects are posted on a regular basis.

In addition students have access to career counselors, online quizzes and tests and a national level job vacancy database.

Students may also update their profiles and resumes. Please contact the college placement office for your username and password.


Employers can use this portal for signing up with the college placement office and hiring students. The college placement office will register the employer on receipt of the sign up information.

Employers may then put up notices on the online notice board of the college in accordance with the rules of the college and approval from the placement office. Employers can manage their profiles, post vacancies, schedule events and manage applications received.

This placement portal serves as a communication platform between the employer, the college placement office and students.


Alumni can use this portal for signing up with the college.


College Placement Services Portal